Publication Services

Editing is the most vital part of book. Book, if gets published with errors, tarnishes the name of author as well as publisher. So, ample care is taken to remove errors from the manuscript before it goes in to printing.

Copy-editing is the first stage where a raw manuscript would be checked related to grammar and spelling. It also involves rechecking of sentences in a sense that those are not very lengthy or short and the content does not sound intricate. In that case, the matter is discussed with the author and hence the required rectifications made.

Editing by an expert is the next stage. The editor goes through the copy-edited work and will eliminate redundant words and replace weak words with appropriate synonyms. The editor makes sure that the originality remains intact. After final reading by the author, the manuscript will once again be reviewed by the author and after his/her approval, will go for proof-reading and designing.

Proof-reading is done on edited manuscripts and it uncovers basic errors in spelling, grammar, typographical errors, incorrect use of English (British/American as in India, the stylisation of UK is followed but recently people have started taking up American English in their writings, so to a large extent, it depends a lot on author’s choice ) and spacing.

Designing The designer is an important person in bringing out the book in a print format as the book is all set for printing once it goes through his experienced eyes and skilled hands. He makes the layout of the book by checking the font size, page margins, creating table of contents, copyright and other important features incorporated in the book.

Book Cover First impression is the last impression. Our designers are efficient enough to give accuracy to the book cover in terms of its colour scheme, title, graphics and texts on the back cover.

An ideal cover communicates the theme of the book and is an important marketing tool. The author should feel his worth by having a single glance at the book.

The cover also has ISBN barcode (issued by the government body) which helps in the identification of a particular book in libraries or e-portals.

All the above Add-on Services are available at the author’s disposal at nominal charges. For more details, drop a mail to us at