The Murigram Post


Murigram Post is a meticulously observed little book, somewhat hallucinatory in its details of a small town, of squabbles and petty fights over who should sit in a chair, in the midst of protests and anger and death. It begs the question of why people do things, in the great tumult of the country they live in, where justice and rules are as ephemeral as the lives of the poor, that barely get three paragraphs in a newspaper when they die, whose death cannot be attributed to police bullets unless the police themselves vouch for the killing.
Omair Ahmad, Senior Journalist & Author

A novel that succeeds to become a real passage of India and pays the reader back richly!
Atul K Thakur, Writer & Columnist

An engaging tale of poverty, corruption, injustice and mundane struggles of hoi polloi. A brutally honest portrayal of small town India.
Abdullah Khan, Novelist & Screenwriter

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Tamal Mukherjee is an award-winning filmmaker and senior journalist with over 35 years of experience across TV, radio and print. He recently won the Grand Award and also the Gold at the World Media Festivals 2019 in Hamburg for his documentary, India’s Caste Conflicts. He also won the Silver at the New York World’s Best TV & Film Festival 2017 for the documentary, India’s Stolen Generation.
He daydreams about living away from civilisation in a village far, far away and is hard at work on his script for his first feature film. In 1982, he co-authored Shrievalty, a book on old Calcutta. Mukherjee lives with his wife in Singapore.

In a small, bustling town in eastern India, two feisty reporters, Amal and Pradipta, find their assumptions and ideas dramatically altered and reshaped by the irresistible force of events. As the two struggle to do their job, a homeless woman, Chadni, and her young daughter who is routinely thrown out of the local school, provide strength and meaning amidst a crumbling and corrupt social order. A woman who never speaks, an acerbic doctor who does not step out of his run-down morgue in the middle of nowhere, and a local country-liquor seller find their lives transformed as they are swept away by the whirlwind of injustice and oppression.


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