Deadlock: Love and Sacrifice of Liberated Women


ISBN: 9788193657232


In the novel, Deadlock, the author has attempted to delve on the issues that has always gripped the women folk vis-à-vis their independence, empowerment, liberty, sensuality, sex and rights in their personal life. This book entails the real life story of such independent women who have their own thought pattern and are unwilling to compromise or go by the ‘rule book’ of the society.

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With more than 24 years of professional life in the field of Journalism, Corporate Communications and Human Resource management, Sanjeev Shekhar has experienced variety of career and is a perfect example of job rotation. He started his career as a journalist with the Hindustan Times in 1994 and worked with major media houses like Star News and Channel-7, thereby acquiring stint in both electronic and print media. He also freelanced for The Times of India and wrote for several websites. He is currently spearheading the efforts of Essar Power in Jharkhand as Head, HR-Admin.

A man of demonstrated abilities with proven communication strategist, loves writing, whenever he is alone. He has a passion for writing and loves telling real life stories in the form of fiction. He admires his father, Dr. Shaligram Yadav, who was a thinker and educationist by passion and is inspired by a quote, “People want to see you do things better, but not better than them”. His wife, Anita has been a key to motivate him to continue with his writing stint.


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