Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach

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Gaurav K. Roy (Masters, C|EH, CH|FI, L|PT, C|ASE, CNSS, DIS) is a cyber-security researcher by hobby, Sr. Tech Writer by profession and international instructor & mentor by passion. He is into this security domain for the last 6 years and secured many governments and private-company websites & applications. Moreover, he has provided freelance security to various organizations across the globe and received ‘Hall of Fames’ and Acknowledgments from multiple reputed companies.
He is also a research paper reviewer & also reviewed many online courses & tutorials on cyber security + other domains of IT. He has authored many e-learning tutorials on top platforms as well. He is not only a cyber professional but a guide & a friend for those students who want to excel in their life with enthusiasm. He has more than 2.5 lac students & fresher-professionals worldwide, and the counting is still on. He also delivers talks, seminars, and workshops on Digital Privacy & Cyber security to help secure the digital environment.

About the book

ISBN – 9788194444718

Usually, people do not care about their online privacy and digital security, which is a very important aspect of our daily life. This book, Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach, is a pocket-guide for all technology users and the common public to stay aware of the fact that the world is facing the verticals of information technology. 
With the constant change in technology, the landscape of cyber-risk has also gone wide. This book has all the theoretical and practical concepts demonstrated with pragmatic case-studies that will help you get an overall understanding of how to secure your gadgets, smartphones, applications, and computer systems. This will also make you aware of some facts that are happening in the digital world, unnoticeable. There are a few stories and real-time scenarios that will help you understand the threats and how to act on them accordingly. Finally, the book has all the common cyber laws and principles that will help you take proactive measures before things get worse. 
All school and college students, teachers, professionals, daily tech users, and everyone who is somehow connected to the digital world can read this book. It has all the steps, techniques, and interrelated meanings that can give you a fair idea toward securing your tech-arena. The book has a clear, easily understandable, figure-based, and step-wise explanation of all the practical demonstrations. The focus of the author is on digital security and privacy awareness, and how to protect the common users and keep his readers’ secure and safe in this complex digital era.
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23 reviews for Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach

  1. Ditsha chowdhury

    Its a wonderful book. Being a student and a person interested in cyber security this book has provided me with lots of information. This book is an wonderful asset for students like us. A very helpful one. Hope to read more from the author on different other topics.

  2. Sukanta G

    After reading this book, my eyes went wide open as I can now vividly see the existential threat of cyberspace. The author holds many national and international awards and his experience towards cybersecurity and digital privacy is enormous. His research papers and throughs on data privacy is outstanding. I recommend everyone to read this book and extract the best out of it.

  3. Mr. Gurudas R.

    A book with sheer information on privacy and the prior role of understanding cyber security for preserving strong privacy can be experienced from this book. School and college students, the general public and professionals – everyone can taste the unexpected outcome of using cyberspace via this book.

  4. Neha

    A perfect book for professionals and general civilians who want to protect their daily use cyberspace.

  5. Sushmita Das

    That was an amazing book

  6. Arpita Agarwal

    After reading this book, found it as a Collection of multiple facts and info about safeguarding cyber assets and online privacy as they are the crutial elements for internet users.

    Strongly recommend to have this book.


    One of the best book on cyber security and digital privacy…
    Highly recommended…

  8. Parbati R

    A excellent book for public who uses smartphones, laptop and online services. Worth reading

  9. Bishwabikash Das

    Got the opportunity to read the book while It was in draft. A must have for everyone in this digital age. Very civilian friendly and well written.

  10. Utkarsh Khare

    It is a really good book with appropriate content , Excellent explanation! A must read for ingeneral mobile and computer users

  11. Subir Kr.

    Amazon: In this virtual world the author fluidly narrated how to make our life safe and secure. It’s a treasure worth retaining.


    A book worth reading. Filled with (sime written) critical points of digital world towards security.

  13. Sid

    Read the book, it’s a must guide for we all general civilians who don’t even bother about digital stuff and it’s background technicalities

  14. Krishna Thakur

    Yeh qitab zaruri hein, must hein, kyukii humm rooz mobile phone, cell phone, computer namak machines use kartey hein. Is qitab mein surakshit rehney ka, bachney ka, savdaan rehney ka saarey upay likhey huye hein.

  15. Abhishek Mishra

    I’ve also given Amazon review. Interesting secret facts are there. Simple yet essential read.

  16. Digbijoy

    Bohot hi saral varsha Mein likkhey gaye hai. Pura cyber security and data privacy concepts samjhaya gaya hai

  17. Prof. Ramesh P.

    Important read even for professionals. The cyber laws and cybercrime-related points and precautions are nicely explained.

  18. Chandni Sand

    Crisp concept, easy to understand – even those difficlt concepts and implementations. Perfect read for every desktop+laptop users

  19. Dr. Rahul (PhD, Mtech, CISSP, CEH)

    🏆Pure learning🏆
    Safeguarding our digital asset is what makes us secure. This book is like a holy-book for all digital device users. 👏Well versed Gaurav👏

  20. Prof. Rishabh J.

    ✔️A perfect collaboration of different chapters That not only guides any tech user but also give valuable insight on how attacks really happen ➕ how cyber criminals think on a particular hacking scenario.

  21. Rahul Sasi

    Okay for beginners and general tech_users. It doesn’t contain very advanced security concepts for Masters and PhD candidates.

    But 5 star for the easiness and way it is written

  22. Brian Baynett

    Good book with good content


    👍awesome content👍

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