Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach

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Gaurav KRoy (Masters, C|EH, CH|FI, L|PT, C|ASE, CNSS, DIS) is a cyber-security researcher by hobby, Sr. Tech Writer by profession and international instructor & mentor by passion. He is into this security domain for the last 6 years and secured many governments and private-company websites & applications. Moreover, he has provided freelance security to various organizations across the globe and received ‘Hall of Fames’ and Acknowledgments from multiple reputed companies.
  He is also a research paper reviewer & also reviewed many online courses & tutorials on cybersecurity + other domains of IT. He has authored many e-learning tutorials on top platforms as well. He is not only a cyber professional but a guide & a friend for those students who want to excel in their life with enthusiasm. He has more than 2.5 lac students & fresher-professionals worldwide, and the counting is still on. He also delivers talks, seminars, and workshops on Digital Privacy & Cybersecurity to help secure the digital environment.
Usually, people do not care about their online privacy and digital security, which is a very important aspect of our daily life. This book, Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach, is a pocket-guide for all technology users and the common public to stay aware of the fact that the world is facing the verticals of information technology. 
With the constant change in technology, the landscape of cyber-risk has also gone wide. This book has all the theoretical and practical concepts demonstrated with pragmatic case-studies that will help you get an overall understanding of how to secure your gadgets, smartphones, applications, and computer systems. This will also make you aware of some facts that are happening in the digital world, unnoticeable. There are a few stories and real-time scenarios that will help you understand the threats and how to act on them accordingly. Finally, the book has all the common cyber laws and principles that will help you take proactive measures before things get worse. 
All school and college students, teachers, professionals, daily tech users, and everyone who is somehow connected to the digital world can read this book. It has all the steps, techniques, and interrelated meanings that can give you a fair idea toward securing your tech-arena. The book has a clear, easily understandable, figure-based, and step-wise explanation of all the practical demonstrations. The focus of the author is on digital security and privacy awareness, and how to protect the common users and keep his readers’ secure and safe in this complex digital era.
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7 reviews for Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach

  1. Junior College, Kxj, Assam

    I received a copy of the Book and it was overwhelming to proudly keep in in our library.

    Such books should remain in the hands of every IT users.

  2. Abhimanyu Debnath

    This is a book I bought from the author himself. Initially I found it basic. But as there is a say Don’t judge a book by its cover, I found this book too much helpful as it has the core conception and practical examples with casestudies explain in depth that helped me secure my digital devices and apps.

    Loved the way Mr. GAURAV wrote it.

  3. Prof. Sukanta Ghosh

    Wonderful Content & knowledgeable book for everyone

    Gaurav is a techie guy, always working 24*7 and digging valuable knowledge from internet. Always applying new concepts and techniques in real world. I can say these lines because he was my student and I have seen him from a very near zone.

    About book, this book contains real world applications of networking and cyber issues. A must read book for every final year student. This book is also valuable for industry guys who want to change there current field.

  4. Mr. Subir K. Roy

    Excellent book with Challenges, practical problems, head-on casestudies

    In this virtual world the author fluidly narrated how to make our life safe and secure. It’s a treasure worth retaining.

  5. Shubham Ch.

    I have learned soo many things and can say book is written very well with proper and precise knowledge.

    Worth every penny. Great job Mr. Gaurav

  6. Rahul T.

    I reviewed this book when the book was at its initial stage. It is damn awesome with all the key ingredients one need to harness the cyber security understanding and practical skills.
    This book is more a gray hat in nature

  7. LoviRaj Gupta

    It’s a pleasure to see one of our student doing wonder not only in the field of cyber security but also in the other verticals of IT.
    Gaurav’s book is a rescue tool for our daily digital security challenges.

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