Cosmic Canvas – Chitra Lele

ISBN: 9788193657263

PRICE: Rs.175


pp: 63

About the Book

Cosmic Canvas is a colorful poetic caravan, a bouquet of blessings, and an invitation to the readers to slow down and think about what really matters in life. Chitra Lele’s book takes the readers to many places at the same time: the daily experiences of life, random yet resonating musings culled from the mines of her mind, and when one least expects it, the deeper insights embedded in her soul. THe book gives a second sight by exposing the readers to multiple dimensions of life. Through her pensive poems, Chitra offers glimpses into her spiritual journey. Her bool is an invocation to the Creator to color the canvas of our lives with the harmonious colors of peace and wisdom.

About the Author

Chitra Lele is a young award-winning poet, record-setting author and software consultant. Her publications include poetry anthologies, scholarly articles and research papers, and academic and reference books. She is associate editor of the Eternity journal. She has been conferred with the title of “A Versatile Writer” by the India Book of Records for penning maximum number of books in a short span of 18 months. Some of Chitra’s titles are: Divine Decorations, The 6 Spheres of Life, Organizational Democracy and many more. Her books including her profound poems are full of timeless truth and help to create positive changes in life.


I have read the poem ‘Seamless Cohension’ and feel that such inspirational thoughts will certainly motivate the youth of our nation for sustainable peace, prosperity and brotherhood. I extend my greetings and felicitations for your efforts and wish the book every success.
Ms. Pratibha Patil, Hon. ex-President of India

Encouraging the youth to contribute to national development through your poetry and self-help books is truly commendable. I wish you good health, continued success as a poet and many more blessings.
Ms. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Hon. exx-President of the Philippines

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