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Cosmic Canvas – Chitra Lele

Cosmic Canvas is a colorful poetic caravan, a bouquet of blessings, and an invitation to...

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Snippets of life Music: By Ramesh Chandra Tiwari

  ISBN: 9788193657294 PRICE: Rs.275 PB pp: 203 About the book ‘Snippets of Life Music’ brings...

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Deadlock: Love and Sacrifice of Liberated Women by Sanjeev Shekhar

In the novel, Deadlock, the author has attempted to delve on the issues that has...

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I have read ‘Beyond News’ which reflects the true picture of world of Journalism.  It was indeed a commendable work by authors to bring the real life story in the form of fiction. My blessings to Sanjeev Shekhar for his new treatise ‘Deadlock’ based on individuality and Women rights. I  wish him success in his endeavors.

Padma Shri, Veteran Journalist

Wings of Destiny: ZiaurRahman Ansari – A Life

“A son’s befitting tribute — ZiaurRahman Ansari was an outstanding community leader, firmly rooted in his Islamic beliefs and unflinching loyalty towards the Indian National Congress. Fasih clears lot of fog from the controversies that dodged Ansari’s otherwise remarkable and inspirational life.

Senior Journalist and Author

Cosmic Canvas

I have read the poem ‘Seamless Cohesion’ and fell that such inspirational thoughts will certainly motivate the youth of our nation for sustainable peace, prosperity and brotherhood. I extend my greetings and felicitations for your efforts and wish the book every success.

Ex-President of India

Abster and the Wary Castle

What a feat! Abaan, certainly, is a bundle of talents. At 30, he would be an author of 15 books, one’s ceratin!

Commonwealth Prize-winning Author

Abster and the Wary Castle

…you feel as if you are a “fly on the wall,” witnessing dramatic events unfolding…an amazing grip on language and narration… for an 11 year old, it is simply outstanding.